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The Next Level of Website Monitoring: MoonGuard

· 2 min read
Luis Güette

Have you noticed how tedious it is to monitor multiple websites? It's a tedious task because you always have to use different external services to check the uptime, detect system problems, server capacity, etc. And as the number of sites grows, these services become more expensive.

But what if you could do all that in one place and with just one software? That's exactly what we've created with MoonGuard! It's a Filament plugin that allows you to monitor all your sites from one location, in the Filament admin panel.


In the first phase of MoonGuard, we will focus on monitoring uptime, SSL certificates, and exceptions from your sites. Additionally, we've also created a Laravel package called Larvis that's our helper to send information from your sites to MoonGuard. For now, it only sends Laravel exceptions, but in future phases, we'll use it to share more information with MoonGuard.

In the next phase, one of our main goals is to make MoonGuard useful in both production and development. That's why we're working on Krater, a desktop application that will receive information from your development site. At first, you'll receive exceptions and any other information you need to debug.

And that's not all, we'll add more features like Laravel Horizon support, database queries, logs, etc. Many of these features will be available in MoonGuard and Krater, and Larvis will be the connection between your site, Krater and MoonGuard.

As we develop the MoonGuard ecosystem, we'll keep you informed through various books. They're like a diary in which we explain all the details of development and the decisions we make. Don't miss the adventure!

Discover the secrets behind our successful software with our book "MoonGuard: The Software Creator’s Journey" to learn how to create successful Laravel package from scratch! In addition to our website, we also maintain an active presence on Twitter (@moonguard_dev). By following us on Twitter, you'll be the first to know about any breaking news or important announcements regarding MoonGuard. So be sure to check us out and stay connected!