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Command Palette comes to Krater - Release 1.3.0

· 3 min read
Luis Güette

Discover the latest updates from Krater to improve your user experience!

We have released a series of enhancements that will allow you to make the most of its functionality. Here are the key features:


If you want to learn more about Krater, check out the following article: Debugging Laravel Apps with Krater.

New feature: Command palette for faster navigation

In the latest version of Krater, we have introduced a command palette that will allow you to search for and navigate to other applications more efficiently. How does it work? Just press "cmd+K" on Mac or "ctrl+K" on Windows or Linux to open the command palette. From there, you can move between views using the keyboard or the command palette. We make navigation even easier to streamline your tasks!

Krater Command palette

Improved information visualization

In the initial version of Krater, we displayed the received information in order from newest to oldest. However, after receiving feedback from our users, we have reversed this order for convenience. Now, when you access any view, the page will automatically scroll to the latest received information. This way, you can visualize it in a more intuitive and familiar way, following the usual structure of reading logs, chats, etc.

Krater's message view

Reordering of the sidebar menu for smoother navigation

We have made a small change to the sidebar menu to prevent errors when navigating between pages. Previously, many users were confused by the buttons when trying to return to the message view and ended up in the home view by mistake. For this reason, we have moved the home button to be above the settings button. This way, you can access the message view without complications.

Expansion of the recent applications list

In the home view, we have improved the visualization of the recent applications list. Previously, when you had four applications, the list did not occupy all the available space, making it difficult to find the desired application. We have fixed this problem and slightly reduced the space occupied by each item on the list, providing you with a more comfortable and efficient experience.

Home view

New development update: SQL query debugging

We continue to work on a new feature that will allow SQL query debugging in Laravel applications with Krater. We invite you to watch the following video for a preview of how you will be able to use this feature:

Watch video: SQL Query Debugging in Krater

These are just some of the improvements we have made in Krater to offer you an exceptional user experience. We invite you to connect with us on Discord and share your feedback on Krater.

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