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Krater Free and Pro version for everyone - Release 1.6.0

· 2 min read
Luis Güette
Ronald Pereira
Wilson Velasco
Alexis Fraudita

We present Krater 1.6.0. In this new version, we have added a free version of Krater so that more developers can try it without any time limit. If you liked our tool, you can unlock its full potential with Krater Pro, which includes all the features of Krater without any limitations.

Krater Free will be available for free to all developers and will include unlimited messages, as well as the ability to use up to 3 elements of exceptions, requests, db queries, and db query analyzer. As for Krater Pro, you will have unlimited access to all the features of Krater, such as messages, requests, queries, and the db query analyzer.

Krater will be available by default for free, so you will directly access your application views.


If you wish to use Krater Pro, to add your new license, go to the star icon and then enter your license.



If you do not have a license yet, you can click on the "following link" that will take you to our store to purchase one.We hope this new version proves useful in enhancing the development flow of your applications. We are looking forward to hearing your feedback on this latest release. Feel free to share your comments with us! We encourage you to engage with us on our Discord so we can have a conversation with you.

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