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AI Query Assistant - Krater Release 1.5.0

· 2 min read
Ronald Pereira

Krater v1.5.0 is now available — this version comes with a new AI feature to push your query debugging even further!

Debug SQL Queries with Krater

It's been an incredibly fun journey these past few months, crafting this set of features where we've been strengthening the DB Query Analyzer. With this release, we've achieved the vision we had for this module.

By capturing a query from your Laravel project, you can get the following insights in Krater:

  • Explain Result: The low-level analysis involving the processing of the query in the storage system (SQLite, MySQL, or PostgreSQL).
  • Table Structure: The composition and layout of the tables involved in the query.
  • Index Structure: The makeup of the indexes present in each of the tables involved in the query.
  • AI Assistant: AI assistance to discuss potential improvements and optimizations for your query.

Table Structure with MySQL

The past few weeks haven’t been a bed of roses If you've read our latest release notes, you'll remember that we've been testing with multiple types of queries to find errors and faults in the Query Analyzer. We encountered this distinguished gentleman:

Table Structure with MySQL

Everything was correct except for the index section, which displayed a nice error message:

Table Structure with MySQL

It turns out that our code within Krater did not consider any tables without indexes. It was a simple fix, but it reminded us of the importance of continuing to verify our solution and how it adapts to various scenarios.

If you're using Krater and come across any bugs, please contact us through Discord!

Next Steps

Our team is always brainstorming about new ideas, searching for the best options for those of you who work with Laravel daily and use Krater to enhance your development experience.

We want to hear what you think about this latest release. Would you like to see any specific features in Krater? We'd love to hear from you and chat on our Discord! We're friendly, I promise!

You can download and learn more about Krater at its official page. Don't miss out on the 15-day trial!

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