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· 5 min read
Alexis Fraudita

One of the most challenging parts of web development I've experienced is the relationship between tables in relational databases; it always leaves me perplexed. Fortunately, in Laravel, there is a fantastic resource called Eloquent which has been a lifesaver for me.

· 3 min read
Alexis Fraudita


When I first started learning how to create packages in PHP, I often wondered how I could test my packages locally, or even how I could install an open-source package to examine it and potentially contribute to it. In the past, every time I used a PHP package, I used the composer require command. But now, I will show you how to install your packages locally and test them.

· 2 min read
Luis Güette

Have you noticed how tedious it is to monitor multiple websites? It's a tedious task because you always have to use different external services to check the uptime, detect system problems, server capacity, etc. And as the number of sites grows, these services become more expensive.

But what if you could do all that in one place and with just one software? That's exactly what we've created with MoonGuard! It's a Filament plugin that allows you to monitor all your sites from one location, in the Filament admin panel.