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· 2 min read
Luis Güette
Ronald Pereira
Wilson Velasco
Alexis Fraudita

We present Krater 1.6.0. In this new version, we have added a free version of Krater so that more developers can try it without any time limit. If you liked our tool, you can unlock its full potential with Krater Pro, which includes all the features of Krater without any limitations.

· 3 min read
Ronald Pereira

Over the past few weeks, we've been working on strengthening Krater's DB Query Analyzer, completing another iteration in which we've managed to scan the structures of the tables involved in the queries as well as resolving various bugs. In this article, we're going to review each of the changes in this new release!

· 9 min read
Ronald Pereira

Hello! If you have been following our articles, you may remember reading that Krater was being developed with Rust using Tauri. However, this is no longer the case because a few months ago we made the decision to migrate the entire project to Wails (Golang). In this article, we will discuss our experience and why we made such a risky decision to migrate an entire application from one language to another.